Corey Gamble Wants a Bigger Allowance From Mama Kris

Corey Gamble Wants a Bigger Allowance From Mama Kris 

Posted: 1:34 am Monday, March 14th, 2016

By mjonbli


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We know Corey Gamble could probably be Kris Jenner’s son, never mind her boyfriend, so is it a little weird that he gets an allowance from her? $20,000 a month to be exact- & he wants more! Aside from chauffeuring this Kardashian/ Jenner girls around & babysitting Kris’ 5 grandchildren Coery deals  with the drama that comes along with a family such as theirs, & to Cory, that deserves a raise!  Not only is he demanding  more dough, but also more respect & says he doesn’t want to be pushed around.  I guess the last few decades of Bruce Jenner’s life meant nothing to Corey. So why does he stay? Sources close to the couple say that Kris tells Cory that “She’s making him famous.”