GQ Ranks 13 Most Stylish Men in the World

GQ Ranks 13 Most Stylish Men in the World 

Posted: 8:22 am Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

By Staff


GQ Magazine has ranked the 13 most stylish men in the ENTIRE world & we’re going to go ahead & assume you won’t agree with many on this list. You ready? OK!

1.  Eddie Redmayne


2.  Drake


3.  Future


4.  Idris Elba


5.  Odell Beckham Jr.  He’s a wide receiver for the New York Giants.


6.  Diplo


7.  Lucky Blue Smith.  (Instagram model)


8.  Ryan Reynolds


9.  Russell Westbrook.


10.  Harry Styles


11.  Aziz Ansari


12.  Tom Hardy


13.   Justin Trudeau. (Canada’s Prime Minister)