Justin Timberlake Talks “Trolls” Soundtrack & New Music

Justin Timberlake Talks “Trolls” Soundtrack & New Music 

Posted: 3:47 pm Friday, May 6th, 2016

By mjonbli

justinYESSS!!! THE DAY HAS FINALLY ARRIVED! We’ve waited (impatiently might I add) 3 years since the 20/20 Experience for Justin Timberlake to drop new music! This morning at 12 am- he did just that! Timberlake has recently been dropping hints that he would be sharing new stuff with us & I have to say- as usual- it’s nothing but perfect! The Max Martin produced single, “Can’t Stop The Feeling” is off the soundtrack for new movie “Trolls” which Timberlake voices the character “Branch.” Justin said that getting into the studio to record for the Trolls soundtrack excited him about doing a follow up album to The 20/20 Experience- and that excessively excites us! There’s no deadline or date to when he wants to finish his album, simply because he doesn’t want to rush his projects.  He says “It’s done when you know it’s done, so, I don’t like to start making a record and go, ‘Oh, yeah I gotta get this out by this certain date,’ because who knows, you may write 12, 13, 14, 15 songs and then who knows, that 16th song that you didn’t get a chance to write may be like ‘the one.'”  Well, Justin, we’re here waiting! You can’t rush perfection!