6 Emojis And Their Hidden Meanings

6 Emojis And Their Hidden Meanings 

Posted: 12:39 pm Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

By Staff


Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just reporting this!

A new study is telling us there are hidden meanings behind some of the emojis we use on a daily basis.

Some I can totally understand, but others I just don’t see the connection.

1.  The frog emoji.  It’s a way of calling someone ugly.

2.  A dog emoji.  It’s a way of calling someone the b-word without actually saying it.

3.  An emoji of a guy running, followed by a bowling ball.  Apparently it means, “I’m going to hit you.”

4.  Scissors can mean, “I’m going to cut you.”  But it depends on the context.  Like if they also say they just got a haircut, it’s probably not a threat.

5.  A knife, followed by a face, followed by a showerhead.  It means they’re calling you a psycho.

6.  A skull, followed by a right arrow, followed by a fire emoji means, “die in a fire.”