10 Most Annoying Drivers

10 Most Annoying Drivers 

Posted: 1:36 pm Thursday, May 19th, 2016

By Staff


We all know Long Island is FULL of annoying drivers. We also know we’re all guilty of being one ourselves.

According to a recent poll done by Expedia.com, these are the “10 Most Annoying Drivers” on the road today. Agree with any of these?

1.  People who text and drive.  


2.  People who tailgate.


3.  People who skip the line at an exit, go to the front, and THEN merge.


4.  People who drive slow in the left lane.


5.  People who drive below the speed limit.


6.  People who multitask while they’re driving.


7.  People who don’t use turn signals.


8.  People who speed.


9.  People who drift between lanes.


10.  People who honk when they don’t really need to.