M&M’s New Flavor Sounds Delicious!

M&M’s New Flavor Sounds Delicious! 

Posted: 5:27 pm Friday, May 20th, 2016

By Staff


OH. MY. GOD. M&M’s just announced a new flavor in time for summer. Are you ready?


I know. It’s too much to take right now.

Now, based upon the looks of the packaging we’ve seen, it seems there are three colors – dark brown, white, & beige. What we don’t know is if each color represents a flavor, like chocolate, marshmallow, & graham cracker. Are we supposed to eat each individually for the taste of a s’more or do we need to eat all three together to get the full flavor? These are questions we need answers to!!

The new release is expected to hit shelves this summer, so we should get our answers then.