Lady Gaga’s Wedding Woes

Lady Gaga’s Wedding Woes 

Posted: 1:43 pm Thursday, May 26th, 2016

By mjonbli


Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney have been engaged since February 2015, but have yet to set a date or venue for their nuptials.  Mother Monster had said that she does not want to hire a wedding planner, but it seems like she may need to reconsider.  The reason behind their wedding problems? Gaga can’t choose which season she wants to get married in- Winter, Spring, or Summer. She also keeps swinging back & forth between wedding in Italy or Hawaii. Sources close to the couple say Taylor wanted to be as hands on as possible with planning, but has completely given up! They say he’s usually super laid- back, but this has caused major problems in their relationship, to the point that he’s given her an ultimatum- it’s now or never!  His one request for the wedding- “Just food! Just good food!”