15 Things That Make Hot Guys Not Hot

15 Things That Make Hot Guys Not Hot 

Posted: 12:43 pm Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

By Staff


Ever see a really good looking guy & think to yourself “there is no way that guy could ever NOT be hot”?? Well, think again!

Cosmopolitan has released a list of the 15 things that automatically take a guy from a perfect 10 to an absolute 0 in the looks department.

****Courtesy of Cosmopolitan.com writer Laura Beck****

1. He’s rude to service people.

2. He knows he’s hot.

3. He’s a dodo. There’s no polite way to put this but  stupidity — or worse, willful ignorance — makes vaginas about as dry as the California desert during a drought year. (Which is to say: Always. Hi! I’m in California! We’re all gonna die!)

4. He only talks about himself. It’s 2016 and I find it highly unlikely that any man hasn’t read at least 2 million dating articles that instruct them to ask women about themselves. Besides, if he’s not curious about what you do for a living, he’s probably not curious about where your clitoris is. Which brings me to my next (very important) point…

5. He doesn’t care about your needs in bed.

6. He smells bad. Pheromones are for real, people! If a man smells putrid to you, chances are it’s never gonna work out.

7. He checks out other women constantly.

8. He complains all the time about everything. .

9. He’s a bad cook.

10. He’s mean to your pet.

11. He calls all of his exes “crazy bitches.” Heads up: If all his exes are “crazy bitches,” then odds are he’s the crazy bitch.

12. He texts when it’s alone time

13. He dresses like sh!t.

14. He doesn’t give an older woman or a pregnant woman his seat on public transportation. 

15. He puts you down.