Prince Cause of Death Revealed

Prince Cause of Death Revealed 

Posted: 2:12 pm Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

By mjonbli


A month & a half after Prince’s death, his cause of death has been released. According to law enforcement source,  Prince died of an opioid overdose.  A source close to the investigation had previously confirmed to the Minneapolis Star Tribune that the prescription opiate painkiller Percocet was detected in the music legend’s body, though at the time investigators did not yet know whether it played a role in his death.

The singer died on Thursday, April 21 at his Paisley Park compound in Minnesota. He was said to be battling the flu during the time of his death, but investigators later announced that they were looking deeper into his death to find out if he actually had died from a drug overdose.

Prince was supposed to meet with an addiction specialist the morning of his death.  Prince’s death was performed April 22 by Chief Medical Examiner A. Quinn Strobl of Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office.  Upon finishing, Prince’s body was released back to his family.  The legendary musicians funeral is planned for August.