Posted: 1:41 pm Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

Nick Jonas Admits The Real Reason the Jonas Brothers Split 

By mjonbli

nickAfter three years of wondering why the Jonas Brothers split, Nick Jonas is finally coming clean! The youngest brother of the group, consisting of his older brothers, Joe & Kevin, said that there had been much tension for a while. Nick added that he “initiated” the conversations and shared that they had been fighting for a little while. “In a nutshell, I said, ‘Look, I feel like we’ve had some complications within the group for a long time without addressing them. I think this train will fall off the tracks without really getting real about some of the concerns and some of the limitations that we may feel as individuals in the group.'”  Nick let the cat out of the bag last night while on Watch What Happens Live With Happens Live with Andy Cohen, admitting he was actually the entire reason for the demise of the band.  “It was a very tough conversation, and it left the family kind of shaken up for a little while. I mean we were about to start a tour. We were two days from starting a tour,.” Of course, everything turned out great for Kevin & Joe.  “We’re good now. I have a beautiful niece. My brother has a family. Joe’s band DNCE is doing very well,” Nick said. “It’s good for everybody and it’s good that it happened because I think we all grew from it, but it was very challenging for a little while.” We just hope Nick doesn’t get any slack from Jonas Brothers fans.