Iggy Azalea Kicks Nick Young’s Stuff To The Curb

Iggy Azalea Kicks Nick Young’s Stuff To The Curb 

Posted: 3:25 pm Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

By mjonbli

iggyThis. Is. Everything! If you didn’t already know, Iggy Azalea & Nick Young have called it quits after a year of being engaged.  A video surfaced in March of Nick admitting to cheating on Iggy & after 2 chances, she has decided to move on to bigger & better, especially after seeing Nick’s most recent Tweet (below)! Iggy is so serious about this, that she had the 1962 Chevy Impala she gifted him for his birthday, towed from her driveway & put all of his belongings on the curb! Get. It. Girl! That’s what happens when you mess with a bad b***h!