Jennifer Garner Locks Ben Affleck Out Of Their Home

Jennifer Garner Locks Ben Affleck Out Of Their Home 

Posted: 3:48 pm Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

By mjonbli


Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck have been divorced for 9 months & have been doing their best to keep things amicable for their children.  Things got a little hairy recently when Jen locked Ben out of their Pacific Palisades mansion after Ben started acting shady again, not checking in & disappearing for hours.  Ben had the freedom to pop up whenever he wanted, but now Jen demands he must call ahead.  Insiders say Jen has been growing closer to her ex boyfriend, Michael Vartan, but that has nothing to do with her decision. People close to the couple say that they remain amicable regardless of this recent ordeal.