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Posted: 2:45 pm Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

Here’s Why Drake Hasn’t Wifed Up Rihanna Yet 

By mjonbli


As if we didn’t know already, Drake & Rihanna have decided to give their relationship another go, & after all the great music they make together, we can’t say we’re surprised. Although Drake loves Ri for years, the rapper refuses to put a label on their relationship, even though they are all over each others Instagram pages, flying across the country to see each other, & late night date nights. We think we know why! Rihanna is the reason why- & again, we’re not shocked by this!  “Rihanna and Drake are hanging out a bit more lately. Rihanna loves Drake, but is still not ready to put a title on them,” a source said.  The insider continues, “Drake would make her his girlfriend in a second if he could. It’s more on Rihanna, though. They both care about each other and are having a good time spending time with each other. Drake has expressed to Rihanna that he only wants to date her and only her, but she wants to take day by day this time around.”Regardless, the source adds that, “Things are great though and their connection is really strong. Things are progressing nicely.”  Although both artists are on tour, they continue to make their hectic schedules work, which is probably the hardest part as a celebrity.  Rihanna recently flew from Paris, to Toronto  just to see her man perform at OVO Fest  & then jetted to Sweden after for her own show. Drizzy has done the same for her. “He still loves her and never stopped. They are having fun spending time with each other. Their music together got them close again” says the source.  These two just need to seal the deal & get married already!

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