Jimmy Kimmel Gets Unexpected Wake Up Call From Britney Spears

Jimmy Kimmel Gets Unexpected Wake Up Call From Britney Spears 

Posted: 2:27 pm Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

By mjonbli


Most people wouldn’t complain about being woken up this way, so Jimmy Kimmel should consider himself extremely lucky! In a sneak peak from tonight’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! episode, we see Britney Spears & a crew of her dancers entering Jimmy’s house, while his wife, Molly, guides them to their bedroom, where Jimmy is peacefully sleeping… But not for long! Spears gives Kimmel a little show, complete with dancers & strobe lights in the early hours of the morning.  Jimmy looks completely frazzled, shocked, & speechless, as anyone would when you have a beautiful blonde standing at the foot of your bed dressed in a bodysuit & fishnets, except there’s a crew of shirtless men dancing behind her & loud music playing, specifically Brit’s new single “Make Me.”  Kimmel shouldn’t be surprised as this isn’t the first time an A Lister has busted into his bedroom & pranked him.  In 2015, Rihanna got the talk show host good for April Fool’s Day, entering his room at 1 am & blasting her song “Bitch Better Have My Money” & screaming at Jimmy to wake up! It’s safe to say, Jimmy Kimmel should sleep with one eye open!