What You Didn’t See At The MTV VMA’s

What You Didn’t See At The MTV VMA’s 

Posted: 2:57 pm Monday, August 29th, 2016

By mjonbli

MTV Video Music Awards 2015Last night some of the biggest names in music piled into Madison Square Garden for the 2016 MTV VMAs, & although Syke & MJ aren’t that important, they were there too- which gives us the opportunity to fill you in on what the cameras didn’t show! Let’s start out with the beginning.  You would think celebrities are all in their seats before the show begin, right? WRONG! Most of the people in those seats are place holders, making the audience look filled! Kim & Kanye walked in & no one noticed until after Rihanna’s opening number, which was a mashup of some of her most famous songs. The crowd was pretty somber, until Kanye stood up with Kim & the crowd literally went BANANAS! We realized that this power couple is literally pop culture royalty, regardless of anyone’s personal opinions on them.  Anytime they stood up, it was a sea of screams.

Next- Frankie Grande aka Ariana Grande’s brother who is apparently against sitting in his seat. With his bleach blonde hair & sparkly jacket, he stuck out like a construction cone on a dark street. He moved around faster than Usain Bolt, honestly. It was very distracting. LOL.

Ariana Grande & Mack Miller get rejected by security! This. Was.Everything. Ari & Mack attempted to exit the celebrity area using a staircase that was meant only for celebs. Security totally stood in front of them, blocking them from the staircase. Ari made it clear who she was & scooted past him, laughing. Another security guard walked over to the guy who blocked them, letting him know who he just shaded. It was awesome.

Nick Jonas jumped out of his seat before Fifth Harmony could get the “NCE” out of their mouths when brother, Joe Jonas, & his group “DNCE” won for Best New Artist. This was personally MJ’s favorite moment! As soon as the youngest Jonas bro heard “D”- he was airborne & celebrating for his older sib. It showed how tight & supportive this family really is! Not to mention- the 2 brothers got matching tattoos pre- VMA’s.