New Starbucks Secret Menu Item: Oatmeal Latte

New Starbucks Secret Menu Item: Oatmeal Latte 

Posted: 12:56 pm Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

By Staff

As Fall approaches, we get ready for the season of pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks. Well, move over PSL, there’s a new seasonal item on the Starbucks menu that will warm you this Autumn.

OK OK OK, it’s not actually on the menu. It’s on the “secret” menu.

It’s called the “Oatmeal Latte” & it’s way more than just a coffee.

It’s an order of oatmeal made with steamed milk, as opposed to hot water, then a shot of espresso is poured into the bowl/cup. After that, the staff will top off the order with some brown sugar & nuts.

You can probably get away with just saying the words “oatmeal latte” when ordering, but be prepared that some Starbucks’ staff might not be aware of the recipe just yet. Know what the order actually is, just in case they don’t. And if for whatever reason they can’t make it for you, just purchase the ingredients on your own & make at home.

Here’s an example of what one might look like: