Posted: 2:30 pm Friday, September 2nd, 2016

Britney Spears Slams VMA’s After Being “Blindsided” 

By mjonbli

britSources close to Britney Spears are saying that the 34 year old pop singer is very unhappy with the MTV network after they blindsided her at the VMA’s this past weekend.  Brit made her big comeback to the VMA stage after being away from it since 2007, when she performed a botched version of “Gimme More.”  Apparently, the network promised Britney the title of headlining the show, using her face to promote the show, but gave Beyonce a 15 minute mid show set, which Britney was not aware of.  The rep goes on to say, “Everyone in Britney’s camp was really quite blindsided by Beyonce’s performance. Hardly anyone knew that Beyonce was going to be the main event. Britney is saying she will never do the VMAs again.”