New Words Added To Oxford Dictionary

New Words Added To Oxford Dictionary 

Posted: 8:45 am Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

By Staff

Every year, we get the pleasure of learning the new words Oxford Dictionary adds to their latest edition. We say “pleasure” because we usually enjoy the absurdity of some of the words being added. This year is no different. COMPLETELY ABSURD!

Some of the words include:


1.  Fuhgeddaboudit.

2.  ‘Merica.

3.  Bracketology.

4.  Clickbait.

5.  Moobs . . . short for ‘man boobs.’

6.  Non-apology.

7.  Swirlie.  When you dunk someone’s head in a toilet and flush it.  Which seems like it could have been added 50 years ago.

8.  YOLO.  Which stands for “you only live once.”

9.  Squee.  It’s Internet slang for when something’s cute.  They traced it back to an online discussion about Ewoks from 1998.

10.  Kegerator.  A refrigerator with a tap on the front, and a keg of beer inside. 

What about the rest of the words? There are a ton! Best part? Some a little offensive. See the entire list by CLICKING HERE!