Is Fifth Harmony OK?

Is Fifth Harmony OK? 

Posted: 3:39 pm Thursday, September 15th, 2016

By mjonbli


You would think being a world famous celebrity, making lots of money, everyone in love with you, would be the best deal in the world, right? The ladies of Fifth Harmony were normal teenagers before being put together on The X Factor, when their lives changed drastically. We’ve seen them takeover the entertainment world, but has it taken over their personal lives so much that they can’t handle it anymore? From break downs on stage, to arguments on the red carpet, we may just be witnessing the demise of the girl group. Group member, Lauren Jauregui gave Billboard a little insight as to her reality, “They sell you this present of rainbows and butterflies, and as a 16-year-old that’s what I bought. It’s why I did X Factor and why I ended up in a group. But then you’re working so hard, so young, meanwhile my friends are in college, telling me about their days and what they’re studying. You’re having to put on a smile on a red carpet. It’s like, ‘Who am I? Am I for myself or for this?” Dinah- Jane Hansen  also has shared personal struggles, “I was like, ‘What kind of job are we doing?’ I watched my great-grandmother be buried on FaceTime. We’re all so family-oriented, and we’ve all lost people on the road.”  In February, Lauren caused  bit of a stir when she asked Hansen to switch spots on the red carpet. Hansen denied, & that led to a flip out on Lauren’s behalf.  “F–k all of you, I felt insecure…and it stressed me out because I was stressing out…y’all don’t know what it’s like to not feel your best and have pictures taken that you don’t feel good in splattered everywhere for people like you to make fun of me anyway,” she posted on the social media site. “Still a person!” In recent weeks, there were reports of Normani shading Camila in an interview, calling her “quirky.”  We’ve seen this story play out with other groups. Could we be watching the group deteriorate? I guess time will tell.