Emilia Clarke Takes The Award For Instagram Posts At Emmys

Emilia Clarke Takes The Award For Instagram Posts At Emmys 

Posted: 6:52 pm Monday, September 19th, 2016

By mjonbli


Game Of Thrones slayed in every way possible at last nights Emmys.  The entire cast stole the spotlight on the red carpet, draped in some of the most tasteful & flattering threads we saw, they broke records with the total amount of awards they’ve won altogether, being 38.  Emilia Clarke stole the vote for best Instagram post of the evening, although she didn’t top Ellen’s celeb saturated selfie.  After the cast of Stranger Things passed out bagged lunches made by Jimmy Fallon’s mom, Joan, containing apples, cookies, PB& J sandwiches, & a note from Mama Joan.  “Have fun tonight! Win or lose, your mom will always love you. Don’t get drunk.”

THANK YOU JIMMY AND JIMMYS MUM!! @emmys20l6 #mymammaandineededalilsugar 😘

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