Britney Spears Gets Pranked By Sons

Britney Spears Gets Pranked By Sons 

Posted: 2:05 pm Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

By mjonbli


Be prepared to watch this Instagram video over & over! Britney Spears’ phone was hacked by her two sons, Sean Preston & Jayden James, who planned & executed their prank perfectly.  Sean is seen on camera, explaining what’s about to go down, telling us that they stole her phone.  He even knows that mom’s about to go nuts, but it was all worth it! As clueless Brit enters the room, he screams, scaring the lights out of mom, who grabs her dress, tumbles to the ground, & yells “PRESTON!” I think I watched it 50 times & laughed harder each time! The best part is the end, when Sean lets out this chuckle that will make you literally cry! I wish we knew what happened after, but considering Brit posted it on Instagram, we’re guessing she calmed down & realized just how epic the video was! See for for yourself!


My damn kids 😂

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