Rob Kardashian Tweets Kylie’s Cell Number

Rob Kardashian Tweets Kylie’s Cell Number 

Posted: 1:54 pm Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

By mjonbli

kylieRob Kardashian was out for blood last night when he tweeted out Kylie Jenner’s phone number to 6.65 million followers. Apparently, the 3 some had some behind the scenes beef over a baby shower that was being planned for Rob only.  “Didn’t invite the Mother of my child to a baby shower you all were trying to throw for me ? You all must have lost your damn minds,” he wrote after sharing Jenner’s digits and clarifying his account had not been hacked.  We know the brother & sister have had constant issues, primarily stemming from their significant others, Blac Chyna & Tyga, who formerly dated & have a child together, but what sparked the feud this time? Looks like the drama boiled down to a baby shower that was planned fro Rob only, & Chyna wasn’t invited. Chyna confirmed on Snapchat that her baby shower was scheduled for Sunday & was being thrown by friends. Kendall & Kylie were rumored to have been invited & RSVP’d to attend, but a source is saying that Kendall will actually be in Paris until October 6.  A second “DILF” shower was planned in Rob’s honor, but he was unable to attend, so Chyna was going to go in his place, & that’s where the fight began. Sources say Kim Kardashian was opposed to the idea.  Kylie has privately reacted to the antics—by changing her phone number.