See What Happens When Katy Perry Attempts To Vote Naked!

See What Happens When Katy Perry Attempts To Vote Naked! 

Posted: 2:41 pm Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

By mjonbli


Thank God Katy Perry attempted to vote naked before we did- She can post bail before we can. The “Firework” singer teamed up with Funny or Die to encourage younger people to vote, using, well… Her amazing bod!  “I’ve briefly scanned the constitution, and nowhere does it say you just can’t fall out of bed and come to the polls in whatever state you woke up in.”  Perry shows the U.S. doesn’t discriminate against fashion, letting viewers know you can get out of bed & vote in your PJ’s- Judgement free! She takes it one step further, attempting to vote naked, but gets arrested.  She’s tossed into a cop car, where comedian, Joel McHale, is also back there for an attempt to vote naked.