Blac Chyna Treats Herself to a $400K Push Present

Blac Chyna Treats Herself to a $400K Push Present 

Posted: 2:11 pm Thursday, October 20th, 2016

By mjonbli


Push presents seem to be the new thing.  Apparently, the father of the baby is supposed to buy the mom a gift of her choice. Blac Chyna is changing the game, handling it on her own! Chyna dropped $400,000 on a brand new White Rolls Royce.  She’ll be doting her new baby, due November 16, & 4 year old son, King, around in the ride. The car usually goes for $300,000, but sources say she got the car fully loaded- adding a $100,000 price tag- chump change for a Kardashian baby mama!