I Present To You- Shia LeBeouf…The Rapper

I Present To You- Shia LeBeouf…The Rapper 

Posted: 1:38 pm Friday, November 11th, 2016

By mjonbli

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This dude! He confuses the hell out of me, I swear! I guess marriage brought up some covered emotions for Shia LeBeouf.  He appeared on Sway’s Universe & revealed a hidden, um…. Talent? Shia can apparently rap- or at least he thinks he can.  We’re hoping it’s a pastime, but who knows with him? He had some eccentric lyrics that reflect his life.  “You like it because my life is real / It’s like a highlight reel / Don’t like me check Twitter to see how the zeitgeist feel,” he raps. He even sheds light to the fact that he was said to be the “next Tom Hanks” at one point, & clearly, he hasn’t forgotten. “I passed Tom Hanks’ replacement,” he raps. Don’t think he wants us to take this lightly, either.  Shia makes it clear that he’s pretty serious. “It’s a dream yes sir I’m the belle of the ball / Never thought my rhymes was eligible / Rhymes are negligible unintelligible / Now I’m exceptional unquestionable no question I’m full / My cup runneth over this s–t is going viral.Yep, I’m taking over better than I’ve been / Alert alert sober,” he continues. “Whenever the truth’s required I’m hired / I’m the go-to guy for fired,” he raps.  LORDDD!!! What is happening around us? I’m personally wondering what Sway is thinking during this while ordeal! But it seems like he’s into it. I will give Shia credit, considering it was a freestyle. Watch it for yourself! The rapping begins around 1:30.  **Warning: Explicit language!**