Nick Cannon Defends Mariah Carey’s Blunder

Nick Cannon Defends Mariah Carey’s Blunder 

Posted: 3:12 pm Monday, January 16th, 2017

By mjonbli

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Although they’re not together anymore, Nick Cannon will always have Mariah Carey’s back.  The host of America’s Got Talent host sat down with Ellen DeGeneres today & spoke about his ex wifes NYE performance, or lack there of.  He joked about it at first, but ultimately defended Mimi.  “You know me, I’m a conspiracy theorist. I think the government did that!” Cannon jokes. “They set her up! That was a distraction!” Carey blamed her performance snafu on malfunctioning sound equipment, which Cannon says he’s had bad experiences with as well. “Anyone who knows about performing and having inner-ears, things like that can go wrong on live television,” Cannon tells Ellen DeGeneres. “I screw up on America’s Got Talent all the time. So when there’s people in your ear saying things and stuff, I think she got a little flustered.” “Being the diva that she is, she said, ‘I’m just going to walk around and pose for 7 minutes,'” he recalls, adding, “and like Ryan Seacrest said, she can do no wrong. So she worked through it.” Despite her performance going viral immediately, Cannon says the thousands of people in Times Square didn’t care about her lip-syncing. “They’re like, ‘She’s amazing and her lips aren’t even moving!'” he jokes.