Devon Sawa Is Ready For A Casper & Now & Then Sequel

Devon Sawa Is Ready For A Casper & Now & Then Sequel 

Posted: 2:22 pm Friday, January 27th, 2017

By mjonbli

Napa Valley Film Festival 2015

Well this is out of the blue! Devon Sawa (blast f rom the past!) jumped on Twitter last last night to tease about some ideas that I think we all may be on board for! “Alright, I know it’s been awhile,” Sawa tweeted, “but I think I’m finally ready to do a Casper sequel.”  Shortly after, he requested a reboot of his classic coming-of-age film that also starred Christina Ricci. “Hey @imarleneking, where we at on that Now and Then 2 script?” he asked.  Don’t toy with our emotions, Sawa!  Shortly after, his nostalgic feeling ended, at least for resurrecting (again( his friendly ghost. “Actually I’m not ready for Casper 2 yet. Good night,” he tweeted.  Fans immediately jumped on his suggestions, even recommending that he make sequels for Little Giants and Idle Hands. “12 year old me is screaming internally,” one fan responded. Even though he changed his mind about the whole Casper 2 idea, he didn’t really let it go on social media. “Hello Universal, ya it’s me Devon…. Sawa… SAwa with an S. Never mind, I’m ready to come back and do another Casper… yes the ghost!”  We know Now & Then ended with the ladies as adults, but why not focus on Devon & his brothers?!