Cash Me Ousside Girl Gets Caught “Ousside”

Cash Me Ousside Girl Gets Caught “Ousside” 

Posted: 3:28 pm Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

By mjonbli

Danielle Bregoli aka The Cash Me Outside Girl Visits Music Choice

Be careful what you wish for! Danielle Bregoli, unfortunately made famous for her catchphrase,  “cash me ousside, how about dah?” on the “Dr. Phil” was caught “ousside.”  Danielle, 13, and two of her friends were caught on camera fighting outside of a bar in Lake Worth, Florida Saturday night. Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office was investigating the street brawl that allegedly involved Bregoli and the two women sitting outside the bar.  Kavasutra Kava Bar uploaded the video to their Instagram of the two women were shown sitting outside the bar during Lake Worth’s annual Street Painting Festival.  “Cash me outside Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli attacks one of our patrons. An older woman who was concerned with Danielle being out late,” reads the video caption. The woman noticed Bregoli was offering to take selfies for $10 apiece, so she questioned her about her curfew. In response, one of Bregoli’s friends threw ice cream at the woman and fled.   TMZ reported the older women were teasing Bregoli with her signature catchphrase: “Cash me ousside. Howbow dah?”  But it did not stop there. Another brawl broke out immediately after, which was not caught on camera, including the ice cream attacker and the bar patron, according to TMZ.  Bregoli and her friends have not been arrested for the incident.