Here’s What 2017 Thinks Is Important Entertainment News 

Posted: 2:35 pm Friday, March 17th, 2017

By mjonbli

<> at Build Studio on March 2, 2017 in New York City.

Christ Pratt lost a ton of weight for Jurassic World, & he kept the healthy lifestyle going! Pratt has launched a new video series on his Instagram account fittingly titled, “What’s My Snack.” In the videos, the funny man takes fans behind the scenes of his daily snacks, including assorted sashimi and difficult to pronounce cacao baobab banana chia shakes. In today’s video, Chris struggles to resist a piece of olive oil pistachio cake. We’re still confused as to why this is important.

Hot new full length episode of #WHATSMYSNACK

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Next in unimportant celebrity news, J Lo wore a mini dress while out to dinner with new man, A Rod. Cool. She’s hot. She should be stunning him in a sexy dress, but let’s be real… She can wear a football uniform & still look slammin’!


Lastly, Rob Kardashian turns 30. So did I. So did my parents, my sister will, her unborn children will, too.

That is all.