Nick Cannon Reveals The Most “Diva” Thing Mariah Carey Has Done 

Posted: 2:19 pm Thursday, April 27th, 2017

By mjonbli

2012 Halo Awards - ShowNick Cannon  let it all out on The Wendy Williams Show this morning, when asked about ex- wife, Mariah Carey.  When asked the “60 degree question” of “What’s the most diva thing that you’ve ever seen Mariah do?”, the 36 year old TV & radio personality answered “Have twins”- in a joking manner.  “She shut the whole hospital down.” “When they was born, she made me play her music as they was coming out,” he continued. “It was a fantasy. They was dancing…to “Fantasy.”  Cannon and Carey share twins Monroe and Moroccan, who will turn 6 this weekend on what would have been the former couple’s ninth anniversary.”   Cannon and Carey wed in 2008. He filed for divorce from in 2014 and it was finalized in 2016. Despite their split, the two remain the “best of friends,” Cannon told Williams.  Cannon admitted that the he recently has been spending more time with the kids at Mariah’s house, & sleeps in the twins’ room.  “Are you and Mariah still sleeping together?” Williams asked. “In my mind, you are and there would be nothing wrong with that.” “There would be nothing wrong with that,” Cannon replied. “But that’s not the case.” “There’s nothing but unconditional love there,” he continued. “I mean, she’s gorgeous but, you know, I’m respectful. I put the kids to bed and I go home.”  Cannon admitted that he supports Mariah through everything, even her relationships.    Of course, Wendy brought up her recent ex fiance, James Packer. Cannon replied with,  “I wanted her to be with the billionaire!” Cannon responded. “More yachts for everybody!” “I’m just there to support my children,” he added. “Whatever she wants to do with her personal life, I support her. I just want her to be happy.”  Now THAT is how you co parent!