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TLC Reacts Perfectly To No Scrubs Question 

Posted: 3:15 pm Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

By mjonbli

TLC18 years later, & TLC still don’t want “No Scrubs.”  First of all- can you even believe it’s been almost 2 decades since they released the song that had every woman feeling like they ran the world & didn’t need a man?!  Because so much has changed over the years, one curious fan wondered if their thoughts on a guy that thinks he’s fine has changed. “Does anyone know if TLC has relaxed its policy on scrubs?” comedian Paul F. Tompkins asked on Twitter.  The group responded so simple, but getting their point across:  “Hell no!”  And if that wasn’t enough, another fan replied asking, “Can we at least chase waterfalls?” The ladies replied, “We prefer rivers and lakes honestly.” Zing!

For those wondering what TLC has been up to today, it’s funny you should ask. The ladies will be performing live on the Today Show’s Citi Concert Series Wednesday morning during a special “I Love the 90’s” party on the plaza.

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