BLI Summer Jam Helps Reunite The Cyrus Sisters 

Posted: 3:19 pm Monday, June 19th, 2017

By mjonbli

mileyWhen you’re a member of the Cyrus family, with your own singing career & crazy agenda, it’s not easy to schedule time with your family. That’s where we come in!  This past weekend, we held our annual summer rager, BLI Summer Jam at Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater, & we asked both Cyrus girls, Miley & Noah, to join us- and they said yes! The Cyrus ladies were both very excited to have an opportunity to perform on the same stage & hang out with each other. Both admitted to not seeing each other often while Noah is promoting her first album, NC17, & big sister, Miley is working on her latest album & revamping her overall persona. Miley got to watch her little sister perform from the side of the stage- looking really proud, & Noah got to introduce her big sis with the Cooper Lawrence Show. Check out the pic they posted together below! Now… To get *NSync to reunite next year…