Aaron Carter Says He & Brother Nick May Never Reconcile 

Posted: 3:03 pm Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

By mjonbli

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Aaron Carter was arrested this past weekend in Georgia on charges of DUI refusal, possession of marijuana less than one ounce, and possession of drug related objects.  That was just the tip of the iceberg for the pop star. Following his arrest, his older brother, Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter, tweeted his concern & offered his help.  The 29 year old sat down with ET in an exclusive interview to discuss his arrest & his rift with his older brother, which he says is basically non- existent now.   “Nick made no efforts to call me, and he knows how to reach me,” Aaron shared.  Aaron wasn’t appreciative of his big bro’s gesture & released a statement through his rep after being released on $4,610 bail.  “If my own blood (Nick) truly cared about my well-being, why wouldn’t he call me directly and have a conversation instead of making this about him through a very public forum?” According to Aaron, his brother had a number of ways to get in touch with him — including calling him in jail — but opted not to pursue them.  Aaron admitted that he has no desire to accept any assistance from Nick for his personal or professional life. “I don’t need Nick’s help. I don’t need that. I don’t need help,” he insisted. “What I need is for people to understand that I’m human and I make mistakes just like every other human in this world.” The “Sooner or Later” singer also expressed doubt that he and Nick will ever be able to find peace between them. “I think there’s too much animosity,” he explained. “There’s too much conflict of interest.”  Aaron is not completely opposed to a reconciliation.  “I will always love you. And I will always have forgiveness in my heart for you. And before you read tabloids and you make assumptions, you should reach out to me.””A broken man. Broken. Heartbroken,” he said through tears. “Four days of no sleep. Guarding my girlfriend [Madison Parker] outside of a car, making sure she was safe. Driving all over the United States of America. Trying to get to my radio shows. Doing the best that I can. Trying to show up, so people don’t give up on me again.” Among those he says have given up on him the most, Aaron said his brother and “a lot of my fans.”  According to Madison, both Nick and Angel, Aaron’s twin sister, have been pushing for Aaron to undergo an intervention. “They think that he’s rotting and that he needs an intervention and he needs help and he’s gonna die soon and all these horrible things that are not true,” Madison said. “They [don’t] care to call or even check into see how he’s doing.” “They could call and say, ‘Hey, we’re worried about you. We love you. Can we see each other? Do you want to go grab lunch?’ Simple things,” she added.