Justin Bieber Refuses To Apologize To Tour Crew After Cancelling Purpose Tour 

Posted: 2:53 pm Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

By mjonbli

bieberNot only were Beliebers upset after Justin cancelled the remainder of his Purpose Tour, his crew who were hired to work on the production were also caught off guard.  Employees at 14 different venues, along with the crew members that have toured with Justin for the entire tour, from setting up, catering, etc, will now be out of work. Justin refuses to issue an apology.  Justin was pretty defensive when a reporter mentioned that he let down a lot of people, including the crew members.  He even had his pal, Patrick Schwarzenegger, stop the car in the middle of the street so Justin could explain himself! “It’s not MY staff,” he insisted. “Somebody that works on the tour isn’t my staff!” He was adamant that people who work on the tour aren’t part of his payroll, so he has no reason to apologize to them. He did issue an apology to fans.  “Sorry to anybody who feels disappointed or betrayed,” he said. “It’s not in my heart or anything.” He also insisted that “everything’s fine,” and offered no specific reason for the cancellation. Stadium shows in Texas, California, Colorado, Minneapolis, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Toronto, Tokyo, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Singapore were affected by Justin’s decision to end the tour early. He has been touring for 2 years straight.