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Why Katy Perry Ended Her Feud With Calvin Harris

  • 3:31 pm Thursday, August 24th, 2017 by mjonbli

Katy Perry & Calvin Harris have all the friend “Feels” these days.  In 2011 the two got involved in a Twitter feud after he canceled plans on opening up for Katy on tour last minute.  Thank the Lord they reconciled because then we wouldn’t have their new collaboration song, “Feels” right?  “I saw Calvin actually at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. We just bumped into each other and he’s like, ‘Oh, you know, it’s so funny, I think I have a song that maybe you should come check out,’” Perry said in an interview on Wednesday.  “I was like, ‘Cool,’ [More]

Justin Bieber To Go On A 2 Week Retreat in India

  • 3:23 pm Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 by mjonbli

Floyd Mayweather Upset With Justin Bieber After Being Unfollowed on Instagram

  • 3:15 pm Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 by mjonbli

Remember that time Justin Bieber & Floyd Mayweather were friends? That’s apparently over & done with.  The 2 men would often be seen together, & Justin even accompanied Floyd to the ring for several fights.  As a matter of fact, Mayweather and Bieber aren’t even on speaking terms, according to sources close to both parties.  Justin has been getting counseling at the Hillsong Church who advised the pop star to part ways with all the bad influences in his life.  As a result, he unfollowed the fighter on Instagram as part of his “resetting boundaries” that included keeping away [More]

Taylor Swift Shares A Mysterious Video

  • 1:59 pm Monday, August 21st, 2017 by mjonbli

Taylor Swift- What are you doing to us?!  After tearing everything down on all her social media accounts last week, Taylor returned to the digital world & left millions of followers in a state of confusion. Sharing a 10 second video of a reptiles tail recoiling- no words, no  text, no music, NOTHING.  Swift’s last album, 1989, was released in 2014 & won her 2 Grammys.  This past Friday, following the end of a courtroom battle, Swift deleted everything on her social media, causing fans to start speculating a new album is on it’s way.  Music video director, Joseph [More]

Derek Jeter Is Finally A Dad!

  • 2:14 pm Friday, August 18th, 2017 by mjonbli

Congrats are in order for Derek Jeter & his wife Hannah, who welcomed their first child together!  The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model gave birth to a baby girl named Bella Raine Jeter on August 17, according to an announcement from The Players’ Tribune, the website the baseball player founded. The first-time parents announced they were expecting back in February.  “Now, pregnant with our first child, Derek and I are looking to the future,” Hannah wrote on The Players’ Tribune.   “He already has a name in mind—he’s set on it. (We’ll see.) He’ll say when he calls me during the day: ‘So, how are you and so-and-so doing?’ ‘That’s [More]

Who Is Justin Bieber’s “Friends” About?

  • 2:35 pm Thursday, August 17th, 2017 by mjonbli

 Justin Bieber is infamous for putting cryptic messages in his songs, or at least we think so.  Despite cancelling his tour, Justin has released a new single- “Friends”, & we can’t help but wonder who he’s talking about!  “Can we still be friends?” Bieber asks on his latest track to an ex who he swears he’s over but doesn’t want to quit completely. Considering the tumultuous past between he & Selena Gomez, we always just assume it’s about her- & it’s really hard not to! THey broke up in 2014 after being on & off for 3 years & [More]

Zayn Malik Reveals What He Would Be Doing If He Wasn’t A Famous Singer

  • 2:13 pm Wednesday, August 16th, 2017 by mjonbli

Zayn Malik was blessed with talent, fame, & fortune- but that wasn’t necessarily his goal.  The “Still Got Time” singer is gracing the cover of VMAN 38 & admitted that he’s been curious about what his life would be like if One Direction never existed.  “I think about alternative realities. I think I’d be at university and I would have done my English degree. I think I’d be looking for some employment to do with English lecturing or literature,” Malik says. “I love poetry and writing—obviously, I’m a songwriter—so, it would’ve been something that would still give me [More]

Pink To Receive 2017 MTV VMA’s Video Vanguard Award

  • 2:40 pm Tuesday, August 15th, 2017 by mjonbli

The 2017 MTV VMA’s are thinking PINK- FINALLY! The pop- rock star is set to receive the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at this years award show on August 27.  She will also be performing alongside A Lister performers such as Miley Cyrus, Ed Sheeran, Fifth Harmony, The Weeknd, & more.  Pink recently returned with her single “What About Us” &  is being recognized for her impact on music, pop culture, fashion & philanthropy, according to MTV.  Pink has won 6 MTV VMA’s (including Video of the Year for “Lady Marmalade” as well as Best Pop Video for [More]

Backstreet Boys “The Call” 20 Years Later

  • 2:43 pm Monday, August 14th, 2017 by mjonbli

I’m not sure if this ruins my favorite BSB song, or makes it even better.  Backstreet Boys sat down with Billboard to chat about the 20th anniversary of their debut album Backstreet Boys, & each member shared some memories.  Although the focus was supposed to be on their debut album, AJ McLean couldn’t help but telling a story from Black & Blue, “The Call.”   “You know what, there is one that I’m probably going to get in trouble for,” McLean acknowledged before getting into the crux of the story, which involves super-producer Max Martin (who mixed the song). “So [More]

Kesha Returning To The Stage With Rainbow Tour

  • 2:09 pm Tuesday, August 1st, 2017 by mjonbli

Kesha fans– Get ready to hang out with your girl again soon! This morning, she announced that she’s taking the act on the road the fall.  “My new album Rainbow is dedicated to my fans. And I’m so excited to be able to invite you all to come boogie with me on my new Rainbow Tour,” she says. “I would not have made it to this point without my animals and supporters so now come out and join the celebration with me.”  Kesha hasn’t been on the road since the Warrior Tour in 2013. In the last month, she has [More]