Kevin Spacey Allegedly Pays Teen Bellhop $75,000 is Hush Money 

Posted: 3:59 pm Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

By mjonbli

kevin.jpgBetween Kevin Spacey & Harvey Weinstein, we can’t keep up with all these allegations.  Kevin Spacey is under fire for being accused as a pedophile. Allegations say that he coughed up lots of hush money & pricey gifts to cover up multiple assaults.   The latest story? The actor paid up $75,000 to silence a hotel bellhop after the man threatened to press sexual assault charges against him. This all stemmed from allegations made by Anthony Rapp, 46, against Spacey, 58, who Rapp says seduced him when he was 14 years old. It’s claimed that Spacey approached the bellhop worker & asked him to take his bags to his room & help him unpack them.  “Once they were in the room and alone, Kevin pushed the bellhop onto the bed and tried to rip his clothes off, while he was kissing him!” The stunned attendant fought off the actor’s physical assault and bolted from the room, according to the source.  Out of fear, Spacey approached his powerful contacts at Warner Bros. to help him cover up the story.   “Kevin claimed that the guy had come on to him, and begged them to cover everything up!” said the source.  The bellhop informed his manager, & wanted to press charges, but sources say that Spacey bought silence with a $75k check & a nondisclosure agreement served by Warner Bros. handlers.