Syke Has The Ultimate Secret To A Better Night’s Sleep For Couples

Syke Has The Ultimate Secret To A Better Night’s Sleep For Couples 

Posted: 8:15 am Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

By sykeonair

Having trouble falling asleep? Maybe you can fall asleep quick, but are having a problem staying asleep. Maybe your partner hogs all the blankets. Maybe your partner is a little restless!

Well, I’m about to change your world with my ultimate sleep secret!

(OK, well it’s not MY secret. It’s actually thanks to the fine people of Sweden)

The secret? TWO SEPARATE COMFORTERS! That’s right, TWO!

Ikea is running ads right now promoting a “Swedish sleeping method”. Apparently, in Sweden, many couples use separate comforters on their beds & according to those couples, sleep way better than they ever have before!

So, why not try it out?! You’re sleeping like crap now, so you’ve really got nothing to lose. Plus, it might actually make your relationship stronger!

WARNING — there is no scientific proof that says you’ll have less arguments, more sex, or less debates as to how the toilet paper roll should be loaded onto the holder.

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